Package Deals !

As well as creating bespoke tailored websites we also offer Package Deals for people who want a presence on the web but do not have the budget for a bespoke site.

These websites are pre-designed and pre-built by us in house. We tailor the design of these websites to each client, and although they are beautiful, well designed, professional looking websites, they do allow for less flexibility in design & build than a bespoke site.

Our Package Deals include hosting, a domain, email addresses - in fact all the basics needed to gain a presence on the World Wide Web.

The reason we can offer these at such a good price is due to the fact that the basic design and structure is already in place, meaning we can turn them around in less time than a bespoke site, and since time is money.

We always advise our clients to go with a bespoke website as we believe tailoring a site specifically to each client and company allows for a more personalised and unique site. However, we understand that especially in the present economic climate not everyone has the budget initially for a bespoke website and the Package Deals offer a perfect solution for a professional and well designed basic website.
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