Customer Complaints Management, Web Based Application !

In today's competitive marketplace effective customer complaints management is a key differentiating factor. Customer complaints, comments and inquiries provide key insights into the customer mindset, a unique opportunity to build customer relationships and critical information regarding possible problems or trends. Our customer complaints management web application can be use by companies across the globe and a wide range of industries to record, resolve and respond to customer complaints, requests or other feedback.

Our customer complaints management web application is a Flexible, web-based solution that can be customized for your specific requirements.

In order to always deal with customer complaints effectively, a complaints system can be a very useful business tool.
Deliver Efficient Customer Service - Ensure that every complaint, service call or inquiry is handled correctly and in a timely manner.
Increase Customer Loyalty - Impress customers with a consistently positive experience, even in the case of customer complaints.
Close the Loop - Involve department managers and staff in the resolution process, determine root causes and implement solutions.
Improve Internal Procedures - Provide employees with a productivity tool for managing issues, tracking due dates and delegating tasks.
Some Features
* Easy to use and manage the complaints.
* E-mail integration and file attachment.
* Extensive due date tracking.
* Meaningful reports.
* Staying calm and respectful
* Showing understanding to the customer’s situation
* Listening to what the customer thinks is wrong
* Working on a solution the customer is satisfied with
* Following up with the customer afterwards


Our, Customer Complaints Management, WebBased Application, is easy to use and can be configured to match your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn how our product can help your company excel.