Corporate Branding !

Branding is a vital part of anyone’s company. So much can be said with a font, a logo, the use of colour as well as copy. Our aim is to work with you to create a look and feel for your company that reflects what you do, as well as the image you want to project.

Your branding starts with your company logo. We make sure all the logos we create not only look professional, but reflect the company we are designing for. This first step in your branding creation is so important as it is this logo which will dictate the rest of your branding. Your logo is often the face of your company, this is what people will see on your business card, you magazine adverts, your website and any other publicity you might chose to create.

However your company branding is so much more than just a logo, it is the way your logo ties in with your stationary, your advertising, your website, in fact all your publicity. We make sure the right colours, fonts and style is used throughout all your design work, which in turn helps to build your brand recognition not only for your existing customers but also your potential clients.

We not only create new branding concepts but can also build on existing established brands and help update your business into the 21st century.
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